How I went from 170 lb to 108 lb in 2 months only

Hello, guys! Everybody has noticed that I have lost a lot of weight and started bombarding me with questions. I was trying my best to write an answer to everyone and support all of you, but failed - with so many messages to respond to I would have to live online. So, I decided to write this post to answer to the question:"How did you manage to lose 63 lb?" (That doesn’t mean you can't write to me or ask something, it just makes my life easier).

My transformation took me TWO MONTHS only! AMAZING RESULT, RIGHT?

I’ve never been skinny but I noticed that I kept gaining more and more weight. Three terrible creases appeared on my belly, I looked like a bulldog in bikini, and my hips, legs and butt were getting bigger and bigger! I decided to get a fit and healthy body by all means, so I stopped eating greasy and fried food and gave up hearty late meals. I went for the morning run and evening training sessions in the gym but instead of losing weight, I continued gaining more and more! I kept making my diet stricter and stricter, excluding meat, bread, fries, and sweets. I ended up eating fruits and vegetables and drinking nothing but water. I tried some terribly expensive weight loss teas and patches but nothing seemed to work for me. After a while, the lost weight would come back to my exhausted body.

Neither diets nor exercises help, they are just a rip-off!
Working out is too hard and takes too long to see any progress. So what should I do?

After trying different useless methods of losing weight, spending hours in the gym and thousands of money paid to the personal instructor I gave up completely. One day I ran into an article about the AlkaTone Keto and decided to try it. Although I heard Demi Moore, Katy Perry, J-Lo and many other celebs were losing weight with this dietary supplement I was skeptical. But having tried everything and getting desperate I had no choice! Besides, I checked the reviews and they were impressive indeed!

Millions of women in Europe and US got rid of their extra pounds thanks to this product. According to the research, 96.7% lost 24-34 lb in three weeks!

So, it was settled! I went on their website, double-checked everything and ordered these capsules. It came within a couple of weeks. I read the instructions and started taking 2 capsules daily, before my breakfast and before light supper.


After only two weeks, my results were stunning – I lost 12 lb! The puffiness was gone and my complexion got much better! The hips and belly became notably smaller - and my mood became better! I started to believe I could become beautiful again without any dieting or exercising! So, I continued eating everything I wanted! I was too sick and tired of starving and working out ...

By the end of the third week, I lost another 24 lb! I became more fit and that inspired me to climb the stairs instead of using elevator every time. What seemed to be a tough workout became an easy pleasure for me! I couldn't believe it happened just because I was following those simple instructions on the AlkaTone Keto package! If I could do it - everyone can! Only two months passed and my 62 lb were gone!

I achieved my goal weight within 60 days. My belly was gone, I lost 62 lb and got the body I had never dared to dream about!

Even now, I cannot believe what I see in the mirror:

Now I want to briefly describe how it works . When the body begins the process of using fat versus blood glucose for fuel, your body enters a metabolic state known as ‘ketosis’. Ever heard of a metabolic rate? It's the rate at which you burn fat, and it's drastically increased when you're in ketosis. Simply put, AlkaTone Keto supplements help you enter the ultimate fat burning zone even faster! As long as you maintain ketosis, it is possible to lose a significant amount of weight...quicker and easier than you ever thought possible! So AlkaTone Keto coupsules helps to burn fat for energy not carbs - Thats why weight loss quickly.

Now I keep recommending this wonderful dietary supplement to my friends and colleges. Important: order from the official product website otherwise you might get a fake. I am happy with my results and I believe that you will be happy too! Forget the stereotypes: you don't need any diets and workouts to have a nice figure!

Stop dreaming about a perfect body! Just get it!

P.S. Everyone who lost weight by just taking AlkaTone Keto, please, feel free to share you results right here! You will help to persuade other people that it really helps! Cheers!


Hey there! I got great news! AlkaTone Keto capsules could be ordered online, in the official web store. Be sure to try it!




I had been dreaming of a slim body for a long time, read about the product on this page three month ago. I had been hesitating to order but got persuaded by my mom. It is not a big price to pay for a dream come true! We decided to take AlkaTone Keto twice a day for a month and then show our results. Now we are losing weight together. She is more success than me though =(


So happy that I found this blog. Certainly gonna try this dietary supplement! Thanks


So happy that I found this blog. Certainly gonna try AlkaTone Keto! Thanks


Hey Emma! I followed your advice and tried AlkaTone Keto and well… you have actually saved my family and my marriage =) Emma, you are amazing girl! My husband has changed a lot towards me recently, I gained self-confidence… Now I feel GREAT! =)


Hey ladies, I am joining the slim-team soon!! I just received my package! Thank you for sharing your results - they motivated me to begin the course. Hopefully I’ll finally get rid of all the fat. I’m taking AlkaTone Keto before lunch and before supper. I’ll write here about my progress as well xoxo.


Hello, Nicole! I am very happy for you! The most important is harmony inside but it is impossible without the harmony with your own body. I am looking forward to seeing your first progress. And remember: better be small progress than no progress at all! Good luck!


Dear Emma! I’m very glad I found your website and looking to get some support here. I’ve tried many methods of losing weight but unfortunately my results have fallen short of my expectations. My height is 52 inches and my weight is 194 lb - that’s a shame!!! I need to lose at least 72 lb and AlkaTone Keto seems to be my last hopeful solution….How many capsules a day should I take to ensure quick results, what do you think?


Hello, Caroline! You can take three capsules daily, but no more. Inform me about your results in a month! By the way, I am not the only one to become slim by taking this food supplement! My friend also tried it, he took the AlkaTone Keto twice a day and IT WORKED, so I give you a 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed again. We are all happy with our results and wishing you the same!

Ladies, I want to ask you one more time, please, spend a couple of minutes to share your results because sharing is caring! It might be your message that persuades someone else to finally become thin, beautiful and really happy!


Got the package yesterday and I am starting a new life today! Can’t wait to see the first progress)


Dear Emma! Thank you so much! I lost weight very quickly but more importantly, it’s not coming back as it used to! That’s a miracle! I recommended this awesome dietary supplement to my girls because I can’t see them starve themselves to death anymore.

Mary Thomson

I am having a date tomorrow and we are going out to dine in some fancy place. Some weeks ago a single thought of going there and eating the food without knowing how many calories it contains would be a nightmare. Now I don’t care! I know can eat whatever I want and I will not gain anymore. I lost 55 lb with the help of AlkaTone Keto just in a month! I’m taking only 2 capsules a day and that seems to be quite enough! Thank you, Emma!


Wow Lindsey, did you seriously achieve that in a month? Maybe I should get some as well… I gained another three lb, that’s terrible…


I lost 36 lb in 6 weeks!!! Just Unbelievable! Thank you Emma!!!


Congrats, Alyssa! Your result is extraordinary! Now I have no doubts about the product!!!


I am sharing my results as I promised. This way of losing extra weight is excellent. I take capsules three times a day – before breakfast, lunch and dinner. I managed to lose almost 30 lb after 6 weeks, WOW!


Forget all the doubts, this thing really works! My friend also lost weight with AlkaTone Keto - about 36 lb in 2 months if I am not mistaken. Impressive, huh?

Allison Jenkins

My three cousins changed completely after taking these capsules for a couple of months. The turned from typical plus-size girls into stunning beautiful ladies!


Thank you for your reviews, ladies! You motivated me to order the product and work to improve myself! I already lost 10 lb, just 6 more away from my goal weight!


So, here some my results: I lost 25 lb without having a single session in a gym! Everyone is so amazed about it =))


Hello, Grace! I am very happy for you! But as far as I remember you wanted to lose a little more. That was a great start! Carry on! Good luck!


Hello, Emma! I read your post and decided to order AlkaTone Keto. I am going to meet my high school mates soon, I haven’t seen them for a long time and it would be a shame to appear carrying 230(!!!!) lb of weight and wearing size XXL!!! I used to be so skinny at the age of 17…. Now I weigh 136 lb and bought an M-size dress for the evening. I still have a lot to improve but I’m really grateful to you for giving me a motivation to start! Cheers!


Your achievements are just stunning… but did I get it right that I don’t need to follow any diet? I am disgusted at the very thought of going on another low-carb one or smth like that… no more starving please!


Ashley, you got it right. Taking this supplement doesn’t require you to follow any diet plan at all. We all know that as soon as you stop the diet your weight returns - which never happens to you if you try this product. So no worries, just give it a try and you will see!

Victoria Kirk

I started taking AlkaTone Keto 2 months ago and I’ve already lost 46 lb! That’s a shame to say I was 180 lb and too embarrassed to go to the beach while on holiday…


I really need to lose 28 lb asap… ran into and was fascinated by all the girls comments and the results… I will definitely give AlkaTone Keto a chance and see what happens) wish me good luck!


My sister bought me a couple of packages of AlkaTone Keto from USA last year. First I thought it was ridiculous - like how can you lose weight without diets and working out - but she persuaded me just to try… I never thought it is possible… I started taking AlkaTone Keto in February and in May I HAD TO CHANGE MY WARDROBE COMPLETELY! Everything was just too big for me!!!! I went from 92 to 116 lb in less than a two months!!!!!! 2 years passed but my weight hasn’t changed! I am a happy girl now. To draw a conclusion, just try this taking AlkaTone Keto for a couple of weeks… at least one or two capsules for a start…and you will see…


Wow, Dakila, the results are impressive! Dear ladies, I want to apologize for being unable to write an answer to all of you, but I do read my inbox and I want to say that I am happy and proud for you and your achievements!


It was so long ago that it seems hilarious that I used to weigh 158 lb… Now my weight is 108 lb and whatever I do or eat it doesn’t change! I am proud to share my progress pics with you:


Dear Emma and everyone who wrote a review here! I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude and happiness… I am 33 and the last few years I’ve gone through the hell because of my weight. Even the easiest workout was a real challenge for me, I had terrible backache, quickly got weak and exhausted… I read your posts and decided to try AlkaTone Keto - and the results turned out to be way above my expectations! Now my weight is 106 lb - but used to be 182 lb! I lost those 56 lb in three months! I’m so excited, I feel and look 10 years younger! I do not have dyspnea and my back doesn’t hurt anymore!

Anna Jacobson

I was drinking some Chinese tea for weight loss and it really helped me to lose 4 lb, but I gained them back in 2 weeks(( Please, tell me, can it be the same story with this dietary supplement? ome Chinese tea for weight loss and it really helped me to lose 4 lb, but I gained them back in 2 weeks(( Please, tell me, can it be the same story with AlkaTone Keto?


Hello, Anna. Don’t worry, this is not gonna happen. Just look at the pictures of all these beautiful women and me - we quickly lost weight and haven’t gained any lb since then! Chlorogenic acid really works and it helps your body to take control over the fat it gains. You should try taking AlkaTone Keto twice a day even for a week and you’ll see the effect straight away!